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My father joined us as we worked the puzzle Saturday night. Great fun was had by all. Of course, your name was used in vain on several occasions -- as we questioned whether you gave us a combination of puzzle pieces from ours and another puzzle; then wondered if you had left out a few key pieces; and most generally, wondering what in your childhood drove you to create such mean sport for people!

It's proudly framed -- and not likely to be worked again soon. All in all, a great success. Thank you.

Helen, MS

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! I got started and had a hard time stopping, this one was pretty addicting, especially once I got to the curving and the top and the runners on the border, I just had to see how it all ended up and it wasn't until the last few pieces that I knew what was happening. It ended up that the head of the athlete was last to be be assembled. I really enjoyed it and it definitely took me away from work - figuratively and literally.

We were amazed at what you were able to do with the running figurals, especially given the [very small requested piece size]. One of the first pieces we found when taking the pieces from the box was the large runner figural and that of course got us very curious about what you had designed into the puzzle. And it was more great fun to discover that. The fine cuts and detail on all the pieces were great fun. We both tried to envision how you cut those tiny pieces with such precision - wild!!

Deidre, HI

Scott... WOW, you're done already!! FANTASTIC!! You've been wonderful to work with... I greatly appreciate all your help.

(and later...)

I got the puzzles last week. I have to tell you that I was incredibly impressed. They are 100% greater than I ever expected they could be. Thank you for all you help and we'll be sure to send some pictures your way!!

Devon, GA

I will be sure to let everyone know how outstanding you are to work with...

Tim, MA

I received it today and I absolutely love it!! What a great job you did. I know I'll be spending many hours with my grandchildren having fun putting it together. I definitely will pass the word along if anyone I know is looking for an unsual gift or is just looking for something different.

Thanks again, I'm very happy with it.

Ricki, NH

I wanted to let you know that David finished the puzzle after several hours, and won't stop asking me how he can come and get more puzzles made. It looks like you're going to have a customer for life! (I'll be coming back for more too) I think I may need to put one together for myself :)

Jason, NJ

I first brought the pieces out of the box on July 5, so that's about 12 days of having it displayed and available for working when I could grab my moments. But I can tell you we spent plenty of time just staring... Often after searching and searching when I would finally find a piece and I would wonder if it was a planned trick or just happen-stance based on surrounding pieces, but usually I would bet on planned. It must be very fun planning these things out. The entire experience was wonderful. I would sit from 10 mins to an hour, breaking from work and going back feeling really refreshed. I am pretty spoiled now you know, so the pressure is going to be greater on you with each new puzzle I order ;-)

Deidre, HI

Wow!! You did a spectacular and creative job. Well done!

Corinne, NM

I am writing to thank you for the beautiful job you did with my cousin's wedding gift. I gave it to her today and she could not have loved it more. She was so excited to have such a unique way of displaying her invitation. When my aunt said "someday your kids will play with that!" my cousin replied, "only if I let them touch it!!" I was so happy to be able to give her a truly special wedding gift instead of yet another pot or pan - thanks!!

(by the way, she particularly loved the monogram...she said it's their first one!)

Hope, PA

Nancy's birthday was a huge success due in part to your puzzle. I was VERY impressed with your dealing with the problem of turning a newspaper photo into something that could be used in a puzzle. Nancy and her daughters started right in with "doing" the puzzle and I joined in. They loved the "special" pieces. We finished it before we had the birthday cake.

Thank you for your efforts on our behalf. We certainly know who to go to have a great puzzle made.

P.S. We loved the box that the puzzle came in - GREAT!

Ruth, CA

I just got home to find both boxes waiting for me, Rocky had a chance to go to the post office this afternoon and bring them home. I love them all! I don’t want to disassemble any of them. I have them out in the kitchen and I just want to keep looking and enjoying. They are beautiful works of art – I love what you have done...

WOW!!! The prints for all of these online really didn’t do them justice and the 3rd dimension your cutting has added is truly awesome.

Deidre, HI

Thank you for the great job you did. I was enchanted by the little wooden box, and enjoyed putting it together. I really think it will make a wonderful gift, and I'm most likely going to be contacting you in the future to use your services again! ... I will be sure to tell my friends and family how happy I am with the puzzle!! Thank you again!

Laura, PA

It's perfect!

Koleen, CT


The puzzle is AWESOME! We received it this afternoon.

I can't wait to see everybody's reaction about this on Saturday. I will make sure to have your business cards available and we will mention Jack-in-the-Box Puzzles during the ceremony as well as you and your kind gesture in donating this beautiful puzzle.

The box, by the way, is a real nice touch! Very professional looking!

I will send you a quick email after the ceremony to let you know how it all went.

Thanks again!

Miriam, Ontario, Canada

Thanks for Ethel! We picked her up from the manager's office last night and spent the evening enjoying the box and the pieces and talking about handcut wood jigsaw puzzles with my folks. They didn't even know there were wooden jigsaw puzzles let alone to the level of art you have achieved. We are hoping to start to work on her today with the natural daylight.

Deidre, HI

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