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I'm sorry, but I'm not taking any more orders at the current time. Please refer to my links page for a list of other very talented puzzle cutters. Thank you so much for your interest.


About Our Custom Puzzles:

A Jack-in-the-Box custom wooden jigsaw puzzle can make a beautiful and personalized gift for a loved one or a wonderful diversion for you. A custom puzzle makes for a very special wedding proposal, a wonderful gift made from favorite photos, or a highly challenging puzzle made from your favorite art print.

Choose some options and get an immediate custom price estimate with the order form.

custom puzzle
Turn your favorite art print into a wooden jigsaw puzzle.

I put a lot of care and thought into every custom puzzle I design. Most of my business comes from referrals and repeat customers, so it only makes good business sense for me to make sure you are as satisfied as possible. With that in mind, I'm happy to spend as much time as you wish discussing options and ideas for making your custom puzzle perfect for your needs.

See some recent testimonials from other customers - YOU TOO could be on this page! :)

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custom wedding puzzle
Custom puzzles from your photos or wedding pictures!

Designing your custom puzzle:

(Having problems with this search box? You've probably got an "ad-blocker" of some type running. This link doesn't pop anything up you don't want, but some of the "ad-blockers" are overzealous. Just click here - art.com - and you can search their selection directly.)

What picture would you like to use? Most of the time, the customer supplies the picture for custom puzzles. The puzzle can be made from your photos, digital images or prints. If you don't have a picture in mind, check out an art.com print gallery I've assembled of a couple good prints, or try searching for "unicorns", "golf", "football", "Ansel Adams", or anything else you think of using the search button on the right. You can order a print from them or any other dealer and have the picture shipped directly to me. Some pictures make better puzzles than others. If you are not sure what picture you want to use, I will discuss the various options with you to agree on a picture that will make a fun, appropriately challenging puzzle. Or, for added challenge, I can choose a secret picture for you.


knobby custom puzzle style
swirly custom jigsaw puzzle style
artistic wood puzzle style
wild wooden puzzle style
grid custom style

What cutting style would you like me to use? Sometimes a certain style fits the picture, such as the swirly-cut style in a water scene. Maybe you just prefer the way one style looks over the others, like the artistic cut. Or maybe you want to make sure the puzzle is as tricky as possible, and choose the knobby or wild cuts!

words on custom wooden jigsaw puzzles

How difficult would you like the puzzle to be? Is it for a child or an adult? Is the adult an avid puzzler or would they prefer something more artistic than challenging? Many factors affect the difficulty. The most important factors are the number of pieces and the picture being used. Also many tricks can be cut into the puzzle, such as cutting along color lines, edges that interlock to the inside but not to each other, pieces that fit in several places, and so on. I can fine-tune the difficulty for the intended audience.

What figurals or words, if any, would you like in your custom puzzle? I can include your designs for figurals, I can design them myself based on your ideas, or you can let me select appropriate ones myself. Also, letters, names, and inscriptions can be included. Typically, I include my signature piece, but I can leave it out if you prefer.



Pricing your Custom Puzzle:

This chart is a guideline for custom puzzle pricing. I can cut any size puzzle up to about 24"x20" (or larger if the puzzle is first cut into non-interlocking panels), and cut them to any number of pieces. The price per piece rates below should give you a sense of how much the puzzle will cost, but please contact me or use this form for a price estimate.

Custom Puzzle Price Chart
Piece Size (pieces per square inch)
Price per piece
Example Puzzle Sizes and Prices (any size is available up to 24"x18")
# pieces
# pieces
Small pieces 3 pieces per square inch US$0.95
Medium pieces 2 pieces per square inch US$1.00
Large pieces 1 piece per square inch US$1.10
Extra large pieces 2 square inches per piece US$1.30
Child/Corporate-sized pieces 4+ square inches per piece US$1.50


Please describe above any figurals (pieces cut as silhouettes of objects) you would like in your puzzle. You may have as many as reasonably fit in the puzzle (I've found that up to 8-10 per 100 pieces can work well), free of additional charge. Many other cutters charge $5 or more per figural, but I think figurals enhance a puzzle so much that I would hate to discourage you from putting them in!

Printing: If you are sending me a digital image to have printed for a puzzle, I charge US$7.00 to cover my costs to print any image smaller than 8.5"x11", and US$8.00/sq.ft. for all larger-format prints.


Photo retouching: I have had a lot of practice retouching digital images. I generally tweak the colors and levels of images before printing, but if you think your image needs more significant work, mention what you'd like modified or fixed and I'll quote a modest additional fee.

Boxes: I have several boxes available. The most common option is a "standard wooden box". The "frame box" is a Jack-in-the-Box exclusive design that is perfect for gifts! This handmade box acts as both a container for unassembled pieces, and a frame (to hang on the wall or sit atop the TV) to display the finished puzzle.

Please contact me if you are considering ordering a custom puzzle:

Together, we can plan a jigsaw puzzle that will fulfill your desires and become a lasting heirloom to be enjoyed again and again.

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